The Kindezi Schools have partnered with a number of Atlanta’s top-quality providers of arts and STEM programming in order to better promote wider access to a well-rounded education for all of Atlanta’s youth.

Kindezi students in grades 3rd through 8th grade have two options starting at 3:00pm. They can take one-hour specials taught by one of the Kindezi teachers or two-hour studios taught by one of our partner organizations. Specials provide exposure to arts and STEM areas of study and studios are for students who are ready to invest the time that it takes to truly develop and hone a skill.

(Learn more about our studio partners by clicking the links to the right.)

Studios at Kindezi at West Lake in 2015-16 include:

Dance with Moving in the Spirit

Music/chorus with Atlanta Music Project

Theater with The Alliance Theater

Studios at Kindezi at Old Fourth Ward at 2015-16 include:

Urban Agriculture with Truly Living Well

Robotics/Lego League

Benefits of Studios:

1. Studios provide free access to top quality instructors.

2. Studios will teach students the value of hard work. No matter what skill it is, to be successful requires an investment of time and some self-discipline.

3. Studios can open up future possibilities. Private high schools and colleges look for well-rounded and passionate students with more than book smarts.

4. For students who find out that they are truly talented in one of the studio crafts, there may even be a long-term future in it. There are ways to find additional and individual training for the truly outstanding student.

5. There is a clear link between all of the studios listed above and academic performance. Studios will support the healthy brain development of the student.