The Kindezi School at West Lake has become one of Atlanta’s top performing schools and one of Georgia’s highest performing charter schools in just four years.

In our most recent CRCT testing session, Kindezi scored well above the Georgia and Atlanta averages despite having a population that would typically be predicted to perform below average.
Three Bar Graph for Ask Letter

The graph above tells the standardized testing story in its simplest form. Despite having a Title I population with 70% qualifying for free and reduced lunch, Kindezi outperforms 75% of Georgia’s schools on the CRCT. On the 2013 Beating the Odds report, Kindezi scored at the 99th percentile of all charter schools in Georgia, which is the highest possible score. It’s a good start but we can and will do better.

For those who love data and are interested in learning more, download our 2013-2014 Annual Report PDF.