The Kindezi Schools are always seeking genius-awakening team members to collectively evolve our community with love and joy. Please share your genius with us TODAY!

Awaken Genius

at the Kindezi Schools


While different positions require different qualifications, all team members are role models and educators for our geniuses! Thus, all 'Ndezis must align with our Kindezi’s mission and values and demonstrate our core values.

Core Values


Core values are the deeply ingrained, shared principles that guide all of our organization’s actions at the network, school, and classroom levels.


We boldly do what’s right for our geniuses, confronting oppressive mindsets head on, and standing for justice in all that we do. We are not constrained by convention or perceived limits and do whatever it takes to provide a genius-awakening education.

Collective Responsibility

We are a community sharing the responsibility and privilege of educating and empowering our children. We are accountable to one another and achieve results as an interdependent team. I am because we are and we succeed together.


We put forth our best effort and achieve big things. We set and pursue ambitious goals, so our community thrives and our geniuses are on a path to choice-filled lives. We never stop learning and growing, as scholars and as people.


We find, bring, and share joy in our work every day. We practice gratitude, celebrate wins, and offer praise.


We do everything with love and compassion. Our geniuses, colleagues, and community feel cared for, respected, and valued by our words and actions.


We understand the importance of balancing and integrating different aspects of our lives–intellectual, physical, and emotional–to achieve well-being for ourselves and others. We provide a holistic education for our geniuses, and we support each other to be and care for our whole selves.

Why Kindezi?


Just as Kindezi takes a holistic approach to educating every child, we take a similar approach to supporting our staff.

As a member of the Kindezi community we aim to train you so well that you can go anywhere, and treat you so well you want to stay. On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being strongly agree and 1 being strongly disagree, our genius awakening staff said…

Impact - 4.57

I believe the work I do deeply impacts students.

Support - 4.1

I feel strongly supported in my professional development journey.

Alignment - 4.12

My personal values and beliefs are aligned with the Kindezi mission.

Goals - 4.12

I feel that we are making strategic gains to reach our goals in the community.

Brand - 4.2

My colleagues strive to uphold the Kindezi Way of raising a genius-awakening child through collaboration with families, staff, and community partners.



Staff is Saying


“I think we do a good job of building culture and community inside and outside of work.”

"It feels like people are genuinely passionate about our work, and most are bought into the mission. Our core values feel aligned with my personal values.”

"Having so much autonomy plus great relationships with my coworkers has really helped my work life balance.”

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