The Kindezi Way

Kindezi is a Bantu word which describes the act by which a community educates, loves, and values every child.


"I have never encountered any children in any group who are not geniuses. There is no mystery on how to teach them. The first thing you do is treat them like human beings and the second thing you do is love them.”
- Dr. Asa Hilliard


Kindezi is a community of public schools in Atlanta, GA, with family-sized classes led by great teachers. We provide a genius-awakening education filled with love and rigor, that enables all children to thrive. We refer to our students as geniuses because every child has genius inside of them. They bring their genius to the classroom, and we are responsible for seeing it, awakening it, and cultivating it.




Our mission is to provide every child - regardless of background, need, or identity- a holistic genius-awakening education built on family-style classrooms, conscious diversity, and scholarly excellence.



Equity Beliefs


At Kindezi, we model the world we wish to see. Specifically, we hold and act upon the following beliefs about our geniuses, staff, families, communities, and partners:


We believe every child is innately gifted with genius.


We believe equity and inclusion begins with staff mindsets and must translate into all our systems.


We believe our families, communities, and partners make our schools stronger.

Graduate Profile Aims

What knowledge, skills, and mindsets do we want our graduating 8th-grade geniuses to possess to meet the challenges of high school, college, and the world?

Critical Thinker

Geniuses analyze, evaluate, and reason effectively. They consider multiple perspectives, ask questions, construct arguments, and solve problems. They develop, refine, and revise ideas based on the best information available.

Persistent Problem Solver

Geniuses know how to take on challenges and navigate difficult situations. They are tenacious, creative, and often collaborative, when applying their holistic set of skills to find solutions to complex problems.

Empowered Learner

Geniuses are proficient in all academic core subjects, demonstrating high individualized growth. They apply that knowledge to real-world scenarios and challenges. Geniuses continuously seek learning opportunities and knowledge to better themselves, others, and their community.


Geniuses have vision and the courage to take initiative. They lead by example and by working with others to achieve a goal and/or serve their community. They are risk-takers and know how to try something new or go against the grain. Geniuses work alongside others as global citizens to pursue justice with shared respect for human dignity. Geniuses stick up for themselves and for other people -- both individuals and groups.


Geniuses can read the world around them and make appropriate adaptations with love and authenticity. They have proficient technology skills, awareness of the digital world, and a working knowledge of basic finance. They can make informed, strategic decisions as they mature.

Self-Confident & Self-Loving

Geniuses know their voice and ideas matter. They have a strong sense of who they are, their strengths and challenges, what they can contribute to their community, and who they want to become. Geniuses ask for what they need. They practice self-compassion and self-regulation. Geniuses know they are inherently valuable and worthy of love.